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ROV Subsea is a providing a niche business with underwater inspections to a depth of 300 metres with the Seamor 300T inspection class ROV. Rick Wakefield has been involved in the commercial diving profession for the past 30 years which also included time as a clearance diver in the Royal Australian Navy. He holds ADAS Part 3 supervisor and diver qualifications and has been involved in many large underwater construction and salvage projects including the in water ship repair of a 300,000 tonne bulk carrier and many salvages of varying size and degree of difficulty. Rick can envisage the need for ROV inspection both as a standalone service or side by side with dive teams, such as the world just witnessed with the Costa Concordia salvage. ROV Subsea offer a competitive and professional service and know firsthand of the difficulties associated with working subsea and how to overcome these. The advantage of using an ROV include the ability to work at depths of up to 300metres for an unlimited time and a lower cost to the client. There is also no risk to the ROV as those that may be encountered by divers although ROV Subsea has the ability to work in with dive teams to offer ongoing inspection of projects.

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