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I’ve been making sails in Melbourne now for 33 years. It was a dream of mine to become a sailmaker since I was in high school, to make these objects of mystery, art, function and beauty, and to be able to think and talk sailing all day. I was lucky to get a position with Noel Brooke at Brooke Sails to start off. Noel was old school, a great natural sailor and knew a lot about sails and sailing. I got to learn everything from designing a sail from scratch, bending battens to mark the seam shape, sewing them up with no seam tape, and hand finishing techniques. I consider myself fortunate to have learnt first principles rather than have learnt in the computer age. I feel I really understand shaping a sail much better for it.

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115 Winfield Rd BALWYN NORTH, VIC 3104

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